Algae Carbon Capture Project

Algae Bioreactors at IntelAlgae Bioreactors at Intel’s Ocotillo Campus

Carbon Capture Project

The idea that algae can mitigate carbon dioxide emissions is being validated by the Laboratory for Algae Research and Technology (LARB) in cooperation with Intel’s “Sustainability in Action” program.  Emissions from the fabrication facility (fab) boiler stacks are piped into photobioreactors containing algae which then fix carbon dioxide into organic molecules via photosynthesis.

The researchers successfully cultivated algae using carbon dioxide from these emissions with a proof-of-concept design, and now their attention is focused on scalability and quantifying how much CO2 is captured by these reactors.  In so doing, the value of CO2 absorption by algae in any carbon-credit or cap and trade framework can be considered, and the expected result is a net reduction of overall greenhouse gas emissions.


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